Would you like to be the one in the spotlight for once? It’s possible, now! The Muziekgebouw Eindhoven stage has been made available for everyone. Whether you’ve been making music for a long time or you only just started, you can now experience what it’s like to perform on a stage that normally features world-famous artists. Everyone deserves to be in the spotlight, a place where they can be seen and heard.

Gerben gets piano lessons
Isis behind the drums

The Stage is Yours

Spotlight is divided in two activities: ‘Feel Like An Artist’, giving you the full artist experience with or without your very own audience, and ‘Unforgettable Class’ which offers you a choice between receiving a music lesson on stage or taking part in a workshop. Find out about what’s on offer here.

With this program, ASML and Muziekgebouw Eindhoven have joined forces to unite people from all walks of life by giving them the chance to take to the stage. By giving everybody the opportunity to be in the spotlight, we aim to help create an inclusive region that everyone can feel part of.


Would you like to participate in Spotlight? Please indicate your interest via this form and maybe you are one of the lucky ones.